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  • Federated learning is a rapidly growing research field in the machine learning domain. Although considerable research efforts have been made, existing libraries cannot adequately support diverse algorithmic development (e.g., diverse topology and flexible message exchange), and inconsistent dataset and model usage in experiments make fair comparisons difficult. In this work, we introduce FedML, an open research library and benchmark that facilitates the development of new federated learning algorithms and fair performance comparisons. FedML supports three computing paradigms (distributed training, mobile on-device training, and standalone simulation) for users to conduct experiments in different system environments. FedML also promotes diverse algorithmic research with flexible and generic API design and reference baseline implementations. A curated and comprehensive benchmark dataset for the non-I.I.D setting aims at making a fair comparison. We believe FedML can provide an efficient and reproducible means of developing and evaluating algorithms for the federated learning research community.
  • Installation:
  • Model and Datasets:
  • Supported FL Algorithms:
    (note that these docs may be outdated. Please refer to the latest source code. In our philosophy, we prefer to make the source code self-explainable)

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