Tutorial for Platform

FedML edge-cloud platform (http://open.fedml.ai) is a bridge between FedML open-source library and solutions for industrial use cases. It provides the federated learning/analytics and edge AI platform for open collaboration. Researchers/engineers from anywhere on the earth can build a group to train models collaboratively. Please check the video above to see how easy and funny to do machine learning socially, privately, and collaboratively.

For the step-by-step instruction, please visit https://doc.fedml.ai/mlops/user_guide.html

Currently, it has the following two subsystems:

  • Lightweight and cross-platform Edge AI SDK for GPUs, smartphones, and IoTs
  • User-friendly MLOps platform to simplify collaboration and real-world deployment

Platform Overview

A Versatile Edge-Cloud Ecosystem for Federated Learning/Analytics at Scale
Smoothly transplant from in-lab simulation to real-world system deployment

Open Source

An international community for cutting-edge algorithms


A lightweight and cross-platform design for secure edge training

MLOps Cloud

A User-friendly cloud service for real-world collaboration and deployment