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FedML edge-cloud platform ( is a bridge between FedML open-source library and solutions for industrial use cases. It provides the federated learning/analytics and edge AI platform for open collaboration. Researchers/engineers from anywhere on the earth can build a group to train models collaboratively. Please check the video above to see how easy and funny to do machine learning socially, privately, and collaboratively.

More documentation is under preparation. As for now, please visit to try the live demo of our platform (username: demo; passwords: Feedback welcomed!

Currently, it has the following two subsystems:

  • Lightweight and cross-platform Edge AI SDK for GPUs, smartphones, and IoTs
  • User-friendly MLOps platform to simplify collaboration and real-world deployment

Platform Overview

A Versatile Edge-Cloud Ecosystem for Federated Learning/Analytics at Scale
Smoothly transplant from in-lab simulation to real-world system deployment

Open Source

An international community for cutting-edge algorithms


A lightweight and cross-platform design for secure edge training

MLOps Cloud

A User-friendly cloud service for real-world collaboration and deployment

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